Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey hey hey

Okay, so when I first created this blogging account I said I'd try to stay on top of it. So, to my ONE and only follower (my bestest, Liz), and whoever out there in the interbutts space that MAY come across my blog... yeah, I lead a boring life.
So, over 2 months since my last post, there ARE tons of updates, I am happy to say. At least my life isn't SO boring that nothing doesn't happen in 2 months lol.

So, at the beginning of the year, I posted how smitten I was with Luis, and I still am. He is so freakin wonderful. We did go through quite a few problems with other people tryin to pull us away from each other. So, we did what any logical, normal person would do (this is us we're talkin about) and we deleted every yahoo, fubar, myspace account we had separately and made a few share accounts. If you're gonna do it, do it big! Now, there's no question what one or the others doing. There ARE more updates!!!!....At the beginning of February, we moved out of my parents house!!! THANK GOD! We were so ecstatic! We now live with my friend I've known since kindergarten (Randy), his wife (Amanda), and their adorable 9 month old son (Clayten). Feb 10, I turned 24, Feb 25 he turned 30..... and on his birthday I cut most of my hair off!!!! My bestest, Liz, turned 22 Feb 26th, and her boyfriend got to come see her and see his daughter (Liv) for the first time!!!!!! It's been an exciting month of changes!!!!

I do have more to add.... I have some emotions to spill and ish...but that will wait for another post. I've spent enough time on here, going back and forth from page to page, and it's time to skidattle. But I'll be back soon! I promise.


Elizabeth said...

Ohhh mama - i just love you soooooooo!!!!! I am proud to be your one and only follower. :D You are my bestest! <3

Elizabeth said...

p.s. I cant wait to read about your emotes - even tho i already know... sometimes i spill stuff so much better in a blog or in words rather than by mouth <3 xoxo